Who Cares? – S/T Cassette/ Digital (Affair Records)

Here’s the debut release from London dad crust rockers Who Cares? You know how some music is designed to pop out of your speakers like a gentle kiss on the cheek? Well this one blasts out of the stereo and damn well bites your nose off. Talk about a lesson in brutality.

The first thing to hit me was the killer guitar sound – this could be straight from a classic Sunlight Studios recording from the 1990s, Entombed/ Dismember fuzzy glory all the way.

Musically though this isn’t a death metal release, but a hot fusion of all kinds of sounds from the noisier end of the spectrum. Think of how a band like Disfear successfully bridges hardcore and metal – Who Cares? are cut from similar denim. The crusty/ d-beat heaviness gives way to breakdowns where the hardcore roots shine through, even letting some Turbo death rock’n’roll touches mate an appearance on the anthemic Demon’s Howl. A great debut release, grab ahold of this and get slamming. Tom Chapman

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