Meet The Team

Tim Cundle

Co-Founder/Editor/Co Presenter of Mass Movement Presents….Podcast/Presenter of Geek-O-Rama Podcast.

A lifelong geek and die-hard Disney, D&D, comics, film, genre literature and punk rock fanatic, and the co-host of Mass Movement Presents, Tim wants nothing more than to one day fade into the background noise and disappear to live with a library of books, a lifetime supply of good coffee, craft beer, and bourbon and his own ’69 C-10 in a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania, Tennessee or North Carolina with just a couple of hounds for company.

Tony Fyler


I’m a fluffy-hearted cynic, a realistic romantic, and a grumpy old git who’s addicted to laughter. Powered by sugar, fury and fairness, I’ve gone to live in a concrete cave by the sea – mostly so I can avoid the three-dimensional people. Irrelevantly bisexual since I look like a hairy wart, I’m married to a woman far too good for me. One day, dammit, I will finish and/or publish some of the novels that write themselves on the back wall of my brain.

Chris Andrews

Editor/Co-host Mass Movement Presents….Podcast/Host of “Aren’t You A Little Tall For A Stormtrooper” Podcast/Reviewer

Ian Pickens


Tom Chapman


I’ve been a nomad all my life but I’ve settled in Cumbria now, having lived all across England, France & Germany. Bands I’ve been in: Ironside, Kito, Baby Harp Seal, Real, Miozän, Battle Royale, Cold War, Geoffrey Oi!cott, The Struggle, Voorhees, Last Rough Cause and a cheeky guest/ tour stint with Kill Your Idols. Been in communicado with Tim/ Mass Movement for two decades or more. Married to my soulmate Claire.