Antichrist Demoncore – G.O.A.T. (Prosthetic)

Californian audio-terrorists Antichrist Demoncore aka ACxDC have been around the block for almost 20 years now, cranking out their killer brand of power violence, and this new album is an absolute aural feast. Combining power violence with classic grindcore, this has the classic hallmarks of both of those genres as blast beat passages with dual screeched and guttural vocals lead into face-melting breakdowns.

The guitar work leans toward metal more than power violence usually does, like on  Boxed In which is built on a bedrock of monster riffage that would have been at home on an early Entombed recording and even though I was expecting this to be a more straightforward exercise in fast hardcore, it’s a real metal-hardcore heavyweight with well- written songs, superb production, and killer delivery. Tom Chapman

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