Hunting Lions – Light 12″ (Pirates Press Records)

On their second release, Hunting Lions offer up five servings of “meat and potatoes” streetpunk with something of a soulful touch in the vocals There is a lot of swagger – almost a glam stomping groove to it, especially on the first two tracks Little Girl and Maggie’s Date. A cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic Hungry Heart shows an affinity with that blue-collar American rock’n’roll flair and attitude. Here’s something I didn’t know – Springsteen had originally written that song at the request of The Ramones but then decided to keep it for himself. So this is Hunting Lions reclaiming it for the punk rockers if you like.

At the end of Nothing Wrong there’s a sly nod to the bootboy power of Last Resort and it almost sounds like Freddy Madball is chiming in on the vocals. Interestingly, the contrast to their previous Dark record doesn’t manifest itself as you might expect. It’s not a pop-punk answer to their moment of melancholy but it’s more straight-forward, “loud, proud and punk” release. Tom Chapman

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