Kicked In The Teeth – Look What The Cat Dragged In 8″/ Cassette/ CD (Rare Vitamin)

Yup, you read that correctly, this is being released as an 8″ EP so definitely one for collector fiends to keep an eye out for. Rather than featuring any Poison cover songs, Northwich punk rockers are certified glam-metal free on their own Look What The Cat Dragged In. This builds on previous releases with their style that blurs boundaries between punk rock and hardcore.

Then again, they are just labels – good music is exactly that whatever the flavour. Six songs that bring to mind Gang Green or Zeke but with a distinct UK flavour – think of someone like Epic Problem for starters. They turn the melodic punk dial up to 11 on the marvellous Ballad Of Richard Rambo which features a certain Jonny/ Gimp Fist on guest vocals if I’m not mistaken. Great songs that will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat. Tom Chapman

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