Voi Vod – Post Society (Century Media)


Five songs and thirty minutes of techno thrash, that’s how an old schooler like myself would describe it. However, today’s newer fans may focus on the prog link that’s ever present in the music of these luminaries. So, we get two new tracks of exactly what any Voi Vod fan wants, and as a bonus for those that missed them the first time around, ‘We Are Connected’ taken from the split 7” vinyl with At The Gates, and ‘Forever Mountain’ which surfaced on the limited 7” vinyl that was released with touring colleagues Napalm Death. Total guitar chaos, uncompromising rhythms and tempos, all graciously topped off by Snakes gnarly vocalisation – exactly as if it was 1986 all over again. With ‘Post Society’ Voi Vod have incorporated all of the archetypal sounds that made the band unique into the records grooves, but it isn’t all wine and roses as I can’t help thinking that the inclusion of Hawkwind classic ‘Silver Machine’ wasn’t really necessary. Having said that though, Piggy would be proud of this record. It’s classic Voi Vod. Mark Freebase



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