Trixter – Human Era

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Trixter – Human Era CD (Frontiers)
The New Jersey hair metallers are making a comeback that is greater than most. ‘Human Era’ contains eleven new tunes bustin’ with all the best parts of 80’s Crue, Poison and their luminaries – this is a four-piece party anthem machine and the stereo is on repeat play here. Trixter are showing no signs of aging and with this record it seems they are at the peak of song-writing creativity embracing all aspects required to deliver killer sounding cuts. The sing-a-long choruses, the swift sharp guitar licks, a superb sounding production and commercial accessibility without selling out, it’s all here and it seems they have plenty of steam left. All they need now is a little valuable airplay, a few decent gigs/festival slots, and music hungry rockers to hear their offerings then it will be full steam ahead. Hell, even the album cover is a piece of class artwork. Mark Freebase

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