Torchwood: Made You Look


Torchwood: Made You Look –  Starring Eve Myles, Matthew Gravelle, Marilyn Le Conte, Ross Ford, Written by Guy Adams & Directed by Scott Hancock –  CD / Download (Big Finish)

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Gwen Cooper won\’t be singing that song anytime soon after her latest adventure. Following up on a lead sent via a video recording, the ever inquisitive Gwen Cooper heads off to investigate the seaside resort of Talmouth. Almost as soon as she arrives Gwen begins to discover that things are definitely on the strange side in Talmouth. As the story unfolds a spooky atmosphere takes hold and you can feel the ice in the air as Gwen wanders through the strange seaside town looking for answers. She is solo here in Talmouth, there is no Jack for her to turn to and Rhys is left at home holding the baby but this is Gwen Cooper and one thing about Gwen is that she never backs down from a challenge. Even when a mysterious unseen voice begins to taunt her she stands her ground and delves deeper into the mysterious town of Talmouth, a lesser person would\’ve turned tail and ran as fast as they could but not Gwen. Teaming up with a blind elderly resident of Talmouth, Mrs Rhodes, the duo courageously make their way through the eerie seaside town as they try to discover what exactly has happened in Talmouth and how to stop it. All the while the two women are menacingly pursued and tormented by the maniacal unseen voice that hides in the darkness.

Eve Myles gives a good solid performance as Gwen switching from mock bravado to fear to genuine courage as she battles the unseen voice. Marilyn Le Conte who plays Mrs Rhodes is a delight as the blind Bed and Breakfast owner giving a warm enthusiastic approach to the little old lady who helps Gwen confront the story\’s antagonist. As for the antagonist himself, the villain of the piece is truly chilling and Matthew Gravelle plays the part with relish as he mocks, taunts and cruelly plays with Gwen and Mrs Rhodes\’ minds. This is a good strong psychological horror story and the beach scenes are especially good however if there is any criticism to be had it is that the story ends rather abruptly. Other than that very minor bit of criticism you’ll enjoy every spine tingling second of this story. I know I did… Nath Rixon.


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