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Doctor Who: The Ark cover art

Doctor Who: The Ark

Written by John Lucarotti, adapted by Jonathan Morris Starring Tom Baker, Sadie Miller, Christopher Naylor, Terry Molloy In Big Finish’s brief run of re-adaptations of some of the scripts from Season 12 of Classic era…

Daleks! Genesis of Terror

Daleks! Genesis of Terror

Written by: Terry Nation Starring: Nicholas Briggs, Sadie Miller, Philip Hinchcliffe, Samira Ahmed Big Finish has always had a penchant for delivering lost Doctor Who stories to its audience, and often, they’ve worked very well,…

Doctor Who: Charlotte Pollard: The Further Adventuress – Starring India Fisher & Paul McGann & Written by Alan Barnes, Lisa McMullin, Eddie Robson & Nicholas Briggs & Directed by Ken Bentley (Big Finish)

It’s been twenty years since Big Finish released Storm Warning, and set the Eighth Doctor, whose time had been cruelly truncated on TV, free in the audio universe with a brand new companion – Charlotte…

Torchwood: Madam, I’m

Torchwood: Madam, I’m – Starring Samuel Barnett, Dirvla Kirwan & Bryan Dick, Written by: James Goss & Directed by Scott Handcock (Big Finish) Torchwood has had only a few villains that have recurred in audio….