Throwing Stuff – Fit, Fine & Well (TNS Records)


John Lydon once proclaimed that anger is an energy, and if that is the case then Throwing Stuff are a fury fuelled perpetual motion machine. These chaps bleed animosity and it infuses every single second of their straight to the point, aggressive, rapid fire Hardcore that grabs you by the collar and shakes you to bits. Fit, Fine & Well is a demented, whirlwind onslaught that slaps you upside your head with its no-nonsense combination of HC powerhouses Where Fear and Weapons Meet and F Minus and if it doesn’t infect with you its righteous chagrin and make you want to sing your heart out and dance until you collapse, then you’re already dead. And you ain’t dead yet. So get up, get on your feet and get Fine, Fit & Well… Tim Cundle

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