The Windowsill / Deecracks – Reconsider Fisto

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The Windowsill / Deecracks – Reconsider Fisto 10” (Shield)
Dutch band The Windowsill and Austrian band Deecracks join forces to make the continent know there\’s still some good, old­-fashioned punkrock to be heard. Pretty decent punkrock at that. The Windowsill is sunny and brings four rays of light on any dark day, yet sometimes with a tear. The mostly American influences are worn on their sleeves, but there\’s nothing wrong with that as long as the energy and conviction is there. Deecracks have a bit more of a raw edge to them. It takes them out of the back yard where The Windowsill is having a party, to the streets and straight into a pub, for a drink or a bar fight. Deecracks feel older, more experienced, sometimes disappointed, whereas the Dutch band can still feel amazed in a sometimes naive way, and see the brighter side of any situation. Both bands have character and are in the case of this 10” truly two sides of the same coin. And with coin I mean life! Martijn Welzen

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