The Wibbley Brothers – The Wibbley Brothers Go Weird Again


The Wibbley Brothers – The Wibbley Brothers Go Weird Again (Trubshaw’s Astonishing Records)
I didn’t know what to expect when i put this on but going by the name I just knew it was going to be a bit different. Imagine Frank Sidebottom and Human League collaborating with a splash of Half Man Half Biscuit and Devo, then you will get the sort of area that they are playing in. With humorous titles like “Whistling Thru Milk” and “Alsatian Frith Has Gone Away” to name just a few you can’t help but like this without actually realising that you do like it, does that sound right? No it does not but then again every song on this CD doesn’t sound right…….but in a very good weird way.
A bit of background on The Wibbley Brothers says that the original release of this album was on punk label Rondelet which was always out of place but apparently copies sell for £100+ on Ebay (is this a marketing ploy?) if so I’ve missed a trick here. Terry & Ronnie Wibbley who are the group have kept a low profile since the original release 33 years ago but has now been remastered and reissued for Record Store Day earlier this year and rightly so.
To sum up this……I don’t know what is really, but it’s a collection of strange and wonderful songs that are amusing and catchy enough to listen to. Hard to find a stand out track as they are all unique in their own way but I did titter at “You Don’t Find Spiders Up My Tree” which sounds like Bagpuss on speed. This needs to be listened to if you are feeling low and need a tonic of pick me up. Even Michael Jackson, he shakes “Der Wawazawa”. Paul Hoddy

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