Sirens In The Delta – Revolutions To Follow

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Sirens In The Delta – Revolutions To Follow (self release)
On initial listening this sounds fairly tame even though the guitars have a hard edge to them the recording sounds a little empty and makes me want to turn it up just to get a better feel to it.
Hailing from Teeside and forming in 2013 this 5 piece they rehearsed and came up with this 6 track EP which I suppose is the best of what they have to offer which for me is quite wishy washy. There are some good tunes on here but it just leaves me a little flat. It says that it’s for fans of Foo Fighters and I’m a fan of them but this is not for me I’m afraid. I’m not the kind of person who likes the super polished recording but this just needed a bit more oomph considering there are 2 guitars on it. Probably better live where one could get a wider understanding of the possible power they should have, bets track is the final one called “Weapon” where they display a harder side. Not inoffensive but in my humble opinion it needs to turn up to 11. Paul Hoddy

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