The Sick Livers – Mid-Liver Crisis


The Sick Livers – Mid-Liver Crisis (Glunk / Baldy Longhair)
Hallelujah, Praise Jeebers, Hail Satan, rub Buddha’s belly and offer a prayer of thanks to Gaia, it’s time to turn the stereo up to eleven, put your best dancing shoes on, let everything hang-out, throw caution to the wind because all of your hard rocking dreams and fantasies have just been answered. And then some. ‘Mid-Liver Crisis’ is crammed full (yes, I consider ten songs enough to use the descriptive term ‘crammed’ and if you don’t, then I suggest you stop reading post haste, return to your job as a banker in the city of London’s financial district, reassess your life and return to this here review and record when you’re ready to fully commit to the rocks and rolling) of insanely catchy, high energy, riff-tastic, beer soaked, coke fuelled tunes that you’ll be singing along to in less time than it takes a working girl to fleece a first time John. Like a full throttle collision of Electric Frankenstein and the Dead Boys, with a little Stones, Stooges and Heartbreakers thrown in for good measure, The Sick Livers have upped the ante and cranked out an anthem filled masterpiece. Lord have mercy, I must have been singing and dancing a little too hard as I think I’ve just gone and had what the old folks call a “cerebral event”. I know it’s only rock-n-roll, but I like it… Tim Mass Movement

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