The Dreadnoughts – Legends Never Die (Destiny Records)

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Every story starts somewhere and The Dreadnoughts, punk rock’s finest purveyors of sea shanties and super-charged folk anthems,  tale began with Legends Never Die, a gut-punch, knock you on your knees before hauling you back up again to sing-a-long debut that’s finally getting the richly deserved re-issue treatment. The Dreadnoughts are a band of singular vision, one inspired and fuelled by a strict adherence to doing things their own way and everyone else be damned, who, time after time, crank out records filled to bursting with the kind of infectious anthems that major label and stadium bands would give truckloads of money to be able to write.

And this is where it began. Legends Never Die is the record that set the standard and fashioned the blueprint that the band follow to this day. Packed full of hideously catchy and instantly memorable odes to the bottle, days of yore and tales of misfortune and woe, it was, and is, the beginning of something wonderful and it does my heart good knowing that it’s out there in the world again. Bravo me boys, bravo…  Tim Cundle

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