The Take – S/T (Demons Run Amok)


I suggest you sit down, take a deep breath and prepare yourselves for what I’m about to tell you. Are you ready? Good, then I’ll begin. Imagine there was a band influenced entirely by Motorhead, The Bruisers, Sheer Terror and The Business and that their music was the sum of those influences and that the songs they spat out were every single bit as good as you hoped they would be.  Can you imagine how incredible that band would be?

Well, quit dreaming, because that band exists. They’re called The Take and their debut album is a hot damned bone fide Hardcore classic.  That’s it, that’s all I’ve got, this damn record has knocked me on my arse every single time I’ve played it and as I’ve been playing it all morning, that’s a lot of arse damage to have to cope with in such a short amount of time. Just get the damn thing already… Tim Cundle

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