Riskee & the Ridicule – Body Bag Your Scene (Bomber Music)


Have you ever been struck by an overwhelming sense of deja vous that’s so strong it almost fries your neurons and cognitive ability and briefly leaves you unable to do anything other than sit there, gawping at nothing with your jaw happening open?  You have? Good for you.  It was a first for me and struck like a tsunami roughly thirty seconds after Body Bag Your Scene kicked in.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to mess myself or start twitching uncontrollably to the tunes that were jumping out of the speakers to repeatedly batter me into submission with their hip hop flavoured punk rock that immediately reminded me of, and took me straight back to the moment that I first heard, Blaggers ITA.

Like the Blaggers, Riskee & The Ridicule fuse seemingly disparate genres of music to create a focused assault that that hits you in the heart like a hammer with its combination of insanely catchy songs and intelligent, socially conscious lyrics that paint a grim picture of the realities of everyday life. Riskee & The Ridicule are a much needed voice of reason and hope in a time of turbulence, fear and uncertainty.  The future starts here… Tim Cundle

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