The Crunch – Brand New Brand


The Crunch – Brand New Brand (Work Hard PR)
Power pop? Powerless poop more like.
This is the side project of Sulo Karlsson (Diamond Dogs), Mick Geggus (Cockney Rejects), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) and Terry Chimes (The Clash), some big names in there which I expected something special but instead I got lukewarm rock music which has a hint of 1977 within it. There’s no doubt that it is well produced and I admire the some of the writing but it just does nothing for me really, if this was brought out in the early days of punk it might have gone somewhere because it does have some good tunes but this 12 song album leaves me a tad disappointed. If you liked the last album then this is more of the same so buy it if it’s to your taste. Paul Hoddy

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