Thirty Six Strategies – Strategy Three

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Thirty Six Strategies – Strategy Three (Boss Tunage)
This, the third in the Strategy series, with one and two before this………ok, I will stop now and get on with reviewing it. This is a breath of fresh music something slightly different from the normal hardcore that I hear, ferocious and melodic (now that’s a hard thing to pull off) but pull it off they do. This is the full debut album after the success of the previous EP and mini album; there is a definite move forward in the getting better with every release category. There will be the obvious influences with Husker Du but this is not so palpable to me. They seem to stand out from the rest, above the same old, same old hardcore bands out there. After numerous listens my favourite track is ALL OF THEM, well maybe very slightly lean towards “(Never) A Good Day To Die” although I do have a soft spot for “Time Heals Fuck All”. Everything is tremendous from Marie’s vocals, searing guitar, pounding drums and oh yeah the average Bass (only kidding Ian). This is a slab of music that everyone needs in their lives so get a copy by any means necessary. Paul Hoddy

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