The Creepshow – Death At My Door (Concrete Jungle)


One of the drawbacks of reviewing music for two decades is that the records that blow you away, make your jaw hit the floor, jump out of your chair and dance around the room like your arse is on fire become increasingly rare. Oh sure, there’s a lot great records and incredible bands out there, but the bands that turn your mind inside out and the records that remind you just why you why it was that you fell in love with music in the first plac , well, they seem to appear less and less.  And just when I’d about given up hope that I’d stumble across one this Summer, up popped The Creepshow with their high octane punk powered, rockabilly flavoured rock’n’roll that pays homage to Hi-Fi & The Roadburners, Tiger Army, The Living End, The Stray Cats and (early) AFI but at the same time remains fiercely original, to restore my faith in the glory of amplification and songs that make you want to sing along until your guts burst and your heart gives out and make you want to tap every single body of your body that can be tapped and dance until you can’t dance anymore. Death may well be at my door, but until he calls to collect me, I’m going to spend whatever time I’ve got left listening to The Creepshow… Tim Cundle

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