Cannabis Corpse – Left Hand Pass (Season of Mist)


I’m not really a Death Metal guy. The whole genre leaves me cold and despite its staggering technicality and wonderful infusion of blast beats, ninety nine percent of the bands, and their records, that are a part of the scene just make me shrug while uttering an (almost) all encompassing “Meh”. However the mathematically inclined among you may have noticed that the figure I mentioned was 99%, while those of you with an eye for detail may have spotted that I said “(almost) all”. That’s right folks, there’s a tiny minority of Death Metal bands and albums that I actually enjoy listening (most notably, Death’s Scream Bloody Gore, Mutilator and pre Beneath the Remains Sepultura) too, and included in that figure are the hippie lettuce obsessed death dealing thrash machine known as Cannabis Corpse. Favouring a late eighties Death inspired sound that owes as much to the Accused, Extreme Noise Terror, Crossoverr and (early) Cradle of Fear as it does to the formative years of Schuldiner’s crew, Cannabis Corpse are a whirlwind thrashing monster that devotes the same amount of time to insanely catchy and danceable mosh grooves as they do attempting to shatter the land speed thrash record. And the smoke riddled result is Left Hand Pass, a gloriously heavy, slam happy death metal album that’ll appeal to denim and leather clad fans of bands with incomprehensible logo’s and folks who don’t actually like death metal but still like to have good old thrash in equal measure. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em…  Tim Cundle

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