Counterparts – You’re Not You Anymore (Pure Noise)

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Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we’ll begin. Blasting straight out of the Gates of Hardcore Destruction at Mach 10 and powered by proportionate levels of energy, conviction, brutality and melody, You’re Not You Anymore is a devastating, precise, engaging and strangely beautiful record that’ll wrap it’s metallic hardcore tentacles around your heart and mind and warmly embrace you while squeezing the  life from your twitching body. Forged at the altar of Converge that stands in the Church of Botch by Priests dedicated to Turmoil and the faithful congregation of the Hope Conspiracy, You’re Not You Anymore is Counterpart’s oath of allegiance to Hardcore. Take heed, fall to your knees and offer your soul to the cause… Tim Cundle

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