The Black Bullets – When the Devil Comes Knocking (Self Released)

The Black Bullets continue their regular recording output with a shit-kicking new single in the shape of When the Devil Comes Knocking. Now, let’s get one thing sorted right at the top of the page. It’s totally beyond me how Basingstoke’s hardest rockers haven’t been picked up by a label with some clout. People are getting on-board this so-called “New Wave of Classic Rock” wagon, but for me, The Black Bullets are already in a higher league. They’ve got the songs, the sound and the stage show to do serious damage. Someone should take a punt. I guarantee the odds will be in your favour.

It’s business as usual on When the Devil Comes Knocking. That is, chest pumping drums, rollicking guitar breaks and a vocal growl to make Tyla blush. Yep, it’s that huge rock ‘n’ roll sound that fans of the band have become accustomed to. The hooks are plentiful with a pre-chorus egging you on for “another dice roll.” Oh, and there’s a cheeky cowbell. I’m a sucker for a cheeky cowbell!

And so, in conclusion… They are The Black Bullets and they play rock ‘n’ roll. Ginge Knievil

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