Teenage Bottlerocket – Stealing the Covers (Fat Wreck)


Tragedy, adversity and sorrow have, according to artistic mythology and lore helped to hone, shape, focus and mould creativity; and if that’s the case then with all that Teenage Bottlerocket have been through, Stealing the Covers should be a certifiable punk rock classic. And you know what? It is. It’s a bubble-gum chewing, beer chugging, arse kicking, acerbic, witty pop punk monster that’ll make you lose your mind and pledge your allegiance to the Bottlerocket cause for ever and ever, amen. I swear, I was tapping my toes by the time Back and Forth started, nodding my head and grinning by the end of Don’t Go and absolutely losing my shit when the closing chords of Robocop is a Halfbreed Sellout hit and the intro riff of No Hugging No Learning kicked in. And it’s catchier than the catchiest thing on its catchiest day that’s been asked to catch everything that it can. Twice.  Stealing the Covers really is the whole punk rock enchilada with a double dose of extra hot sauce. Hey ho, let’s go… Tim Cundle

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