Tankard – One Foot in the Grave (Nuclear Blast)

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It’s often all too easy to dismiss Tankard as the drunken buffoons of Teutonic Thrash, but those who do so not only do themselves a disservice, but they also severely underestimate the Frankfurt wrecking crew’s  thrashing prowess. Having outlasted and outshone almost ninety five percent of their contemporaries, on One Foot in the Grave Tankard continue to do what they best, and that boys and girls is thrash like a demented thrashing thing on its thrashiest day. But underneath all the chugging, full speed ahead guitars and the unrelenting rhythmic assault, there’s a core of dark humour and each and every tune on this record has the kind of catchy, hear it once and it’s stuck in your head forever chorus that the biggest metal bands in the world would give up their pensions to be able to write. Grab a beer and hit the pit, Tankard are here and it’s thrash o’clock… Tim Cundle

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