Hey Colossus – The Guillotine (Rocket Recordings)


Dwelling somewhere in the discordant and slightly disturbing ether that swirls between Fugazi, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Hawkwind, The Birthday Party, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and St. Vitus, Hey Colossus are one of those bands who have always done things their own way. Some would have you believe that their blinkered, singular vision and mission is a self-defeating trial of Herculean proportions, but those naysayers are the unfortunate, limited souls who have, and will, never understand the stark, unique beauty of Hey Colossus and the hypnotic way that they find a groove, lock into it and willingly drag the faithful along with them. The Guillotine continues their journey in fine fettle, beckoning the listener in, sitting them down at a table filled with all manner of exquisite sonic delights and pleasures and letting them luxuriate in them for all eternity. Gather round ye non-believers and lose thyselves in The Guillotine…  Tim Cundle

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