Our Lives in Music… The Lotus

Nirvana – Nevermind Luca – I heard it for the first time during my adolescence and that album just opened my eyes to the grunge. This record has completely changed my life, as I started playing guitar and writing music and just act and wear ‘grunge’ clothes. I think you should be able to hear a lot of grunge music on The Lotus\’ stuff, as it\’s pretty clear I didn\’t have a \’classical approach\’ to guitar but I think that now it fits perfectly.

Jeff Buckley – Grace  Luca – I have to add it as I think it\’s the album I\’ve listened to the most during my life. It\’s just perfect and Jeff\’s vocals are astonishing: the melancholy of his voice has always fitted into my way of being and hence it\’s a bit like resuming in any of my lyrics.

Pink Floyd – The Wall  Luca – To me, that\’s the Greatest Work ever. How can an artist not to aspire to conceive such a personal and complex masterpiece? A work worthy of idolatry like almost all Pink Floyd discography.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here  Rox – It\’s probably the record I\’ve heard most throughout my life. I know every note of every instrument by heart and from the first minute to the 44th, it\’s just pure poetry in music and words. I think Pink Floyd have been able to sum up the pain, the fear and frustration, madness and melancholy due to their past experiences and especially due to Syd Barrett departure. In particular, Richard Wright\’s melodies and synthesizer\’s taste have deeply marked my entire keyboard experience.

Deep Purple – Made In Japan  Rox – My mother had this vinyl and listened to it basically every day since I was just born! I think it\’s one of the most beautiful live of all time and especially Child in Time, still now gives me emotions that no other song can give me. I also had a Deep Purple tribute band and of course, most of the tracks were taken from Made In Japan, played live like Deep Purple did!

Queen – Greatest Hits II Rox – I know, it\’s not a real album but I think between 10 and 14 I did not listen to anything else! My parents had the vinyl, the cassette and then the CD, of course, and even though there were songs that I did not particularly love (I\’ve never been a big fan of The Miracle and I Want to Break Free even though they are in any case great songs), I was looking forward to get to Innuendo and Who Wants to Live Forever. Two of the most beautiful songs in the history of music.

Muse – Absolution Rox – I really got to knoww Muse with this album (I actually knew them the year before, but I was yet to hear Origin Of Symmetry). That is, in my opinion, the record that brought them into the Hall of Fame of the Greatest Bands in History. There is everything in that: rock (Hysteria or Time is Running Out), metal (Stockholm Syndrome), pop (Sing for Absolution), symphonic (Butterflies and Hurricanes, one of my favourite Muse\’s song ever). It\’s just perfect!

Marilyn Manson – Mechanical Animals Rox – It was a bit difficult to pick this album because I\’m not a super fan of Marilyn Manson. Anyway, I actually consumed this record when it was released in 1998. I\’ve also listened to it again recently and I\’ve never wondered how much its sounds are still so modern and brilliant. There are songs that have left the mark in the history of music; no one will forget songs like Rock is Dead, The Dope Show or Coma White. In my opinion, this was also the peak of Marilyn Manson\’s career.

Queen – Made in Heaven Luca – I was little more than a kid when it came out and I immediately fell in love with it. I\’ve been listening to it all for 10 years and I can say that without Queen, maybe today I wouldn\’t be a musician and the person I am.

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV Luca – I\’ve always been a fan of occultism and when I first listened to Stairway to Heaven I just wondered what those lyrics meant. After years, I have a clear answer to that and I can say that I was deeply inspired by the meanings expressed in that album.

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