Sweat – Gotta Give It Up (Pirates Press Records)

This is a bolt out of the blue. Sweat is a new band from LA whose members have done time in bands such as Graf Orlock and Ghostlimb. I’m familiar with those bands who were fairly rooted in the DIY noisy/ screamo (I’m not a fan of that term but it gives a point of reference) hardcore underground. So, not something you might naturally associate with Pirates Press – but then again that just makes it all the more interesting. I do love it when hardcore punk worlds collide. It shouldn’t be neatly segmented genres, it should be a sprawling, beautiful mess. That concept applies to Sweat perfectly. 

There is no room for pigeon-holing on this glorious album. It’s a hell of a ride, careering from ultra-fast hardcore in Hard Grudge to the swaggering rock of Art Of Posing, to pretty much anything in-between. Vocalist Tuna Tardugno spits out the words – she is very much in charge of this musical pack of snarling dogs. I say pack, but Sweat is actually a trio, and they use that fluid format to its full potential. I find it gives each musician a lot of creative space within the band – these guys are all superb musicians and their styles work in harmony. All that remains is to get hot, get dirty and above all get sweaty. Tom Chapman 

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