Cyanide Pills – The Kids Can’t Be Trusted With Rock’n’Roll 7″ (Damaged Goods)

After that period of enforced hibernation, it is good to see some great bands emerging from that dark place, all guns blazing. And so Leeds favourite sons of 77, Cyanide Pills hit back with a brand new 7″. Let’s start with the flipside and work our way back.

Do You Wanna Know takes you on a two (ish) minute journey of all-round catchiness, bouncing along as vocalist Phil reflects – “like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I wanna know who I am?” – I think we’re all searching for an identity at some point on our life journey, but whilst we’re looking why not just enjoy the ride? There’s a huge singalong factor, with a short chance to catch your breath back when the quick blast of a two chord guitar solo kicks in.

Taking the foot off the gas pedal but keeping up the passion and power, the title song is another dose of infectious 77 punk meets power-pop, delivered in the Cyanide’s trademark style. These pills are deadly, but somehow I just can’t help myself from popping one again and again… Tom Chapman

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