Berthold City -When Words Are Not Enough (War Records)

Having started out as a band that took influences from the straight edge, youth crew bands of yesteryear, Los Angeles’ Berthold City are in very real danger of surpassing their forebears and establishing themselves at the pinnacle of the hardcore scene. A slew of impressive demo’s and 7”’s have long held promise since the band’s inception in 2017, but now with their first record When Words Are Not Enough vocalist Andrew Kline (Strife, World Be Free),guitarist Dennis McDonald (Internal Affairs), drummer Adam Galindo (Abrasian, One Choice), bassist John Eightclip (Allegiance), and guitarist Dave Itow (The Mistake) have finally stepped up and taken their Judge influenced brand of hardcore to the next level with 12 absolutely stomping tracks, any of which can be considered future classics.

There is more than a touch of Kline’s other band Strife in the blistering Only Truth Wins, which from the off suggests that 2022 has already heard the hardcore album of the year. Everybody else may as well just quit now. Still Holding On continues in much the same vein, just enforcing the earlier statement. The band have the knack of utilizing every youth crew trait to profound effect, without it seeming contrived or tired, right down to the occasional Ray Cappo style vocal roar. There’s even a track called Break The Chain, which just sounds like it’s from 1988, but trust me when I say, belongs in 2022.

A Better Way starts off with a Raybeez style call to arms before setting off on a circle pit inducing rampage, which leads into gang vocal breakdown for you to bust your best two-step to. Comparisons could also be made to the likes of Carry On, especially when they bust out fast paced numbers like A Better Way, but before you know it the lurching bass line of With This Regret is leading us to the exit, while we look back yearning for more. In true old school style not one track touches the three-minute mark. This is the way.

Andrew from Strife has just become Andrew from Berthold City, because what we have here is an absolute classic hardcore record which can take it’s place nicely next to Break Down The Walls, Bringin’ It Down. Yes, it’s that damn good. Take a bow fellas….Chris Andrews

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