Straight Opposition – The Fury from the Coast (Indelirium Records)

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You know that feeling when you roll up to the show late and you’ve missed the band that everyone who turned up on time is talking about in hushed, reverential tones?  Yeah, that’s what I’m experiencing right now and if I could kick myself in the arse for being a dummy, believe me I would. See, The Fury from the Coast is Straight Opposition’s sixth album and I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out how I’ve never stumbled across this Italian wrecking crew before now. Combining the best of the old and new schools of Hardcore, Straight Opposition sound like a head on collision between Stampin’ Ground, Rykers and Judge and don’t  take their foot off the gas or let up for even a single second on The Fury from the Coast.  They’re like a colossal, rampaging Hardcore Kaiju, destroying and devastating everything in their path, and when they bring the thunder you can hear, and feel it, from half a world away.  È il momento di sbattere … Tim Cundle

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