Scarlet Witch Volume Three: The Final Hex – James Robinson & Leila Del Duca (Marvel)

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One of the more intriguing Marvel characters, in my opinion, Wanda aka The Scarlet Witch has really come of age in this series. In this reboot of her back story, we have seen her take charge of her own destiny, rather than portraying the lost teenager in previous incarnations. Volume 3 is the final piece of the puzzle, in what has been an excellent series and it doesn’t disappoint.

The Final Hex takes Wanda to deepest Serbia in search of her Romany roots and hoping to finally find out who her parents are. But there are demons out there who want to prevent Wanda, finding out about her true roots and they will stop at nothing to sidetrack her from her mission, often with heartbreaking outcomes. We meet some familiar faces on the way and important people that have helped shape Wanda.

Written by British born author James Robinson, the story itself takes delves deep into witch/demon folklore and at times seems very otherworldly whilst managing to stay grounded. His examination of Wanda and rewrite of elements of her past is spot on. Robinson has a history of doing this with Marvel characters and they are all the better for it. He’s managed to clean up some of those issues that hampered the progress of the Scarlet Witch character, allowing her to grow in future books. The artwork courtesy of Leila Del Duca is crisp and adds to the emotional depth of this story. I particularly enjoyed her use of retro looking comic art, when telling a back story.

Without wanting to spoil the book too much, Scarlet Witch fans will probably know that she ends up in good company and with the excess baggage now cleared, we should see her flourish. The future is looking good if you are The Scarlet Witch… Chris Andrews


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