Spider-Man/ Deadpool: My Two Dads – Robbie Thompson, Scott Hepburn, Matt Horak, Flaviano & Jim Towe (Panini / Marvel)

\"\"When last we left our oddest of odd couples, they were facing a potentially world ending crisis instigated by Chameleon, an artificial intelligence and the legions of LMD’s* who had flocked to cause and would willingly consume any amount, and flavour of, Kool Aid their new robot master asked them too. It was a situation made infinitely more complicated by the involvement of Spidey’s long deceased parents, SHIELD, Deadpool’s former / current, I would add delete as applicable but I’m not sure even Wade knows their current status, partners in crime and enough toing and froing in time to melt the master of the Tardis’ brain. And that’s where things immediately pick up in My Two Dads as the present and future versions of Wade and Pete team up to take on the ever-present threat posed by the aforementioned android, Master Matrix. Things though, as they’re often want to do when Spider-Man and Deadpool are involved, go seriously sideways as their solution turns their enemy into their ward and Pete and Wade into the Universe’s least likely parents.

It’s one of those twists that no matter how much you think you know or how hard you guess at what’s going to happen next, you’ll never see coming. And Robbie Thompson takes full advantage of his bizarre new family, by having Spidey and Deadpool challenge each other’s ideas of how to “raise” their dependent, with the former electing to follow a more established route and the latter encouraging individuality and self-discovery. Given the nature of their charge, their opposing attitudes and ideas both have merit and are pushed to breaking point when the heroes of the hour and their “offspring” become strangers in a strange land while pursuing a brace of tried, tested and true super-villains. Being saved by divine intervention with a little help from an unlikely source allows Robbie Thompson to hit the reset button on his heroes and bring the current arc to a triumphant end, while propping the door open for it return at some later date to bite the super-powered Laurel and Hardy squarely on the area where the sun rarely shines. Aided and abetted by the eye popping art of Hepburn, Flaviano, Towe and Horak, Thompson has proved that when it comes to guiding the destiny of one of the most bizarre team-usp in Marvel’s history, he really is the big Kahuna.  Fantastic… Tim Cundle

*That\’s Life Model Decoys for those cats who are playing catch-up in the ready money round…

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