Useless ID – 7 Hits from Hell 7” (Fat Wreck Chords)

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One of the problems with the modern world is that after slaving away for a pittance from the man in order to keep the wolf from the door and prevent rich folks paying taxes and contributing to the society that they seem hell bent on gradually dismantling, no-one has any time to left to enjoy the finer things in life. Fear not though, for Useless ID having witnessed the dilemma of the twenty first century punk rocker, have come up with a solution to maximise the meagre spare moments available to most of us with their latest release 7 Hits from Hell. Instead of wasting that most precious commodity, time, on traditionally structured two minute tunes, they’ve sped the whole process up and accelerate through the seven songs on offer in around five minutes. Hitting hard and hitting fast, their blitzkrieg melodic, Hard-On’s meets NOFX punk rock attack shatters the land speed record and ensures that even the most put upon, and put down, by the man punker still has the time to indulge in their favourite pastime. Catchy, loud, fast, balls out punk rock.  Speedyriffic… Tim Cundle


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