Spider Kitten – Concise & Sinister (Spider Kitten)

Sometimes music takes you to the bad places; the malign, dark corridors and long sealed rooms that exist in the deepest recesses of your mind.  It lets you explore their contents without fear, allows you to dive into their stygian depths and emerge relatively unscathed from their harrowing embrace before returning to the humdrum sanity of the “real” world. And that’s exactly what the all-expenses paid, round trip to the dark side Concise & Sinister does.

Forged by the illegitimate Doom baked and blasted sons of the mescaline picked The Mothers of Invention , Spider Kitten, Concise & Sinister clings to the eclectic and eccentric ideology that Frank Zappa harnessed like a weapon,, breaking down conventional musical stereotypes allowing his music to spread, like a virus, in the collective psyche of everyone who seeks and demands more from music than a simple one, two repetitive beat and syrupy, sweet hook.

Veering between haunting, drawn out, slowed down, hyper heavy dirges, raging d-beat infused metalcore (featuring a guest appearance from lovable lunatic Paul Catten) and outlaw country, Concise & Sinister is a challenging, yet strangely immediate and accessible record that ignores the boundaries defined by the genre addled rules of the underground in order to chart it’s open path and subvert the mainstream the only way Spider Kitten know how; through the power of music. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime…   Tim Cundle

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