Out. Live. Death. – Has the Past Taught Us Nothing? (State of Mind Records)

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When the system pushes people to the point of breaking, people push back. It happened in the eighties when Reagan and Thatcher enforced their polices of division, neo-conservatism, profit, greed and consumerism that scapegoated, blamed, demonised and vilified the working class and made the rich even richer while ensuring the poor stayed poor. While ninety nine percent of us who where there were ever mindful of the fact that we were being crushed under the heels of government jackboots, the direct reaction to the politics of that period gave rise to what is commonly regarded as the golden age of Hardcore. Our esteemed rulers pushed us to breaking point, and those of us who dwelled on the fringes and outskirts of society pushed back by channelling our anger and energy into making music fuelled by fury, indignation, isolation and the hopeless sense of chaos that the world was mired in.

And now that the politics of hate, stupidity and ignorance have reared their ugly head and returned to mainstream prominence, the Hardcore scene is starting to push back again; and right at the forefront of the resurgence of anger driven, focused, energetic Hardcore are Out.Live. Death.   Hailing from Long Island, this pissed off Hardcore monster plays NYHC the way it used to, and should, be played. Fast, furious and frantic. Powered by an all-encompassing hatred at the way the masses are being manipulated for the benefit of the few, Out. Live. Death. stand tall, and through their old school Warzone, S.F.A., Maximum Penalty and Antidote influenced Hardcore, hurl their righteous vitriol and venom at an establishment that seeks only to separate and segregate while directing their animosity at, and toward, their, and everyone else’s, real enemies. And Has the Past Taught Us Nothing serves as a near flawless reminder of how good Hardcore was, is and can be. You don’t want this record, you NEED it… Tim Cundle

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