Sith – The Age of Tyranny (Self)


Remember when Vader told Luke that he didn’t know the power of the Dark Side? Well, maybe if Anakin had put a pair of headphones on his wayward Jedi son’s head (you know, like Marty did to his dad in Back to the Future), pressed play and in doing so had exposed Luke to the rifftastic crushing metal mayhem of Sith, the closing moments of Return of the Jedi would have been a lot different. Palpatine wouldn’t have been hurled into the heart of the Death Star, Vader would (possibly) still be in the land of the living and Luke would have pushed the big button that would ultimately have led to the destruction of Endor. See, Sith, with their eighties Bay Area style thrash that envelope you with their Legacy era Testament meets Bonded By Blood period Exodus power and refuse to let go until you’ve submitted wholly and totally to their will are the gateway to the Dark Side, and if a few more terrifying, cloaked asthmatics devoted to ancient religions incorporated Sith into their personal arsenal and used them alongside their sorcerers ways, the galaxy would be a much more interesting place. Darker and evil yes, but more interesting.  Being bad never felt so good… Tim Cundle

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