Round Eye – Monster Vision (Sudden Death)

Until six minutes and thirty two seconds ago I never knew how much I missed the sort of bands who, while wholeheartedly embracing a genre or movement, constantly push against and test the musical boundaries of the scenes that they’re part of.  Why that specific measurement of time and how does it equate to the emotional memory associated with eccentric musical creativity? Well, I’m glad you asked.  That was when Monster Vision shuddered to a halt for the seventh time in row, and it’s taken the scrambled synapses and fast flowing endorphins in my brain that long to balance out and allow some sense of normality to return.  And now that I’m back, all I want to do is hitch my wagon to the Round Eye juggernaut and repeat the mind melting experience that is Monster Vision over and over and over again.

And this is why… If John Zorn and Gibby Haynes formed an esoteric, secretive cult and invited Victims Family, Mojo Nixon, NoMeansNo, Sha-Na-Na and the Didjits to join them on a mission to explore, via the copious useage of psychedelic and hallucinatory drugs and astral projection, the outer reaches of unknown space, then Round Eye would be the house band supplying the soundtrack for that mission.  They’re weird, a little bit strange and more than a bit odd, but they’re also ten different types of wonderful and the music they make is strangely, and thoroughly, addictive.  It’s time for another dose of Monster Vision…  Tim Cundle

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