Armada – Bandeira Negra (Pirates Press)

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You want punk rock? You got it. Armada’s debut album, Bandeira Negra,  is jam packed to bursting with street punk anthems that you’ll be singing along to, and with, in next to no time. This Brazilian punk rock warhorse’s tunes are so damn catchy that you’ll want to learn how to speak Portuguese just so you can sing your guts out to, and along with, Bandeira Negra . Think Rancid, Allos Kosmos, The Real McKenzies, Lars Fredriksen and The Bastards and The Roadside Bombs with a supercharged dose of Agnostic Front and little countrified rock’n’roll swagger thrown in for good measure and you’ll be smack, bang, dead centre in the Armada ballpark, or more accurately, given the album’s nautical and piratical themes, dockyard. Book your first Portuguese lesson, crank the volume high and get ready to sing your heart out…  Tim Cundle

*For those of you, like me, who don’t speak Portuguese, it means ‘Black Flag’.

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