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Genre defying… is primarily first thoughts one could say in regards to this Belgium reverberation of eclectic groove! Indecipherable vocals (or just native tongue) screamed from a vortex of down tuned guitar and sonically drenching synth, it’s incredibly hard not to get sucked into the insidious and unique sounds farmed from the minds of this munificent quartet – simply brilliant. Recorded and mixed by Steve Albini the cumbersome abrasive tones of the noise-grunge-punk creation are perfectly summed up with the bands name – Rocketcannon. Like the Butthole Surfers but with more insanity, like the Melvins but with more weight, like a tacky nightclub experience… it all becomes apparent with repeated audibility. Capable of cashing in on some mainstream radio success, or appealing to the diehard fanatical music fan who craves to find something of originality, make of the band what you will, but one thing is for sure, everybody will become aware of RAKETKANON’s clamour. Mark Freebase

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