One Machine – The Final Cull

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One Machine – The Final Cull CD (Scarlet Records)
Fierce thrash metal riffs and precision Priest power! There is no other way to sum up the workings of acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Forbidden, Vicious Rumors, Dragonlord) and his international band who create the nine tracks present here, well ten if you include the Japanese only bonus track ‘Computer God’ – yes the Sabbath tune, but given a dirtier heavier treatment of the Dio fronted epic. There is plenty of shredding a-foot, demon rhythms, and a crushing metal undertone that leaves no trace of doubt in which genre One Machine will be placed. Technical where it needs to be, simplistic and yet catchy in all the correct areas; and it’s with the company of (new) vocalist Chris Hawkins (Endeavour) you are only left with the thought of how driving this band are. Now I need to hunt down their debut release from 2014. Mark Freebase

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