No Time – You\’ll Get Yours CD (Rebellion)

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No point in polishing your docs for a night out with No Time, they are only going to end up covered in mud, blood and beers. This is as hard and ugly as they come, fusing old fashioned US hardcore sounds with UK oi! Picking up touches of 4 Skins, Oppressed, Negative Approach and Iron Cross, No Time remind me of the excellent 86 Mentality that did the rounds about a decade ago. Gravel-chewing vocals bark out the rage over some mid-paced punk tunes – the music is uncomplicated but totally hits the spot with some guitar work that introduces melody into the madness. In fact there is often the type of melodic guitars that are reminiscent of Blitz or more recently Criminal Damage and that really helps make the No Time sound something special. For the most part the songs hover round the two minute mark which is all that No Time need to put their message across. This CD release features the songs from their demo/ 7\” release as a bonus making this 17 track disc well worth checking out. Tom Chapman


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