Suede Razors – Berlin Or Bust 7\” (Contra/ Longshot)

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As luck would have it I found a stash of bottles of Berliner Kindl beers in my local supermarket, and on the same day a download for this 7\” drops into my inbox – surely no coincidence?! I think this is the first sign of life from Suede Razors since last year\’s Passion On The Pitch 7\”. Like the finer things in life, these boys don\’t like to rush things but when they are ready they will hit you like a blow to the head. Berlin Or Bust features two new tracks of catchy bouncing bovver-rock, blending stomping glam with street rock\’n\’roll. Although these are as Californian as they come,  the sound has a real Australian vibe, imagine Rose Tattoo put through the hard punk rockin\’ grinder and you\’re somewhere close to getting the Suede Razors sound. Sweet guitar licks and some twelve bar blues rockers are married to the solid beats, with the raspy lead vocals doing a nice trade-off with the backing mob on both tracks. A great modern take on a timeless sound.  Tom Chapman


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