My Life In Books… Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth)

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1. Boring Girls – A Novel by Sara Taylor
“This has been my most current read and I had a hard time putting it down. I started reading it on tour and it was such a great story about a young girl who starts her own metal band and then has a very dark twist at the end of it. I felt like I was right there in the story was left wanting more when the novel was done. I highly recommend it.”


2. The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales – by The Brothers Grimm
“How could I not include this? Yes they are dark stories, but I prefer the honest and true history of every fairy tale. I own about 3 copies and I find I just keep digging up more and more stories as I search for them. They’ve always been my favourite to read during the winter months.”


3. The Last Unicorn – by Peter S. Beagle
“I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book. Still a fantastic book though! I’ve read it through many times, but I also wore out my VHS copy of the movie. I think this is by far the best fantasy story ever written. As a young girl it made me very passionate about being true to myself and standing up for what I believe in. I absolutely love all the characters and their importance to the story. Such a great read. It’s very reflective of the current situation with endangered species on the planet today and that also influences my love for animal rights at a very young age too.”


4. The Celestine Prophecy – by James Redfield
“This read is a little far out there, but if you are into the energies of the universe and better understanding where pagan based spiritualties influence us currently then this is worth checking out. Some very interesting topics are also presented on the Mayans and the theories as to where they disappeared to.”


5. The 13 Original Clan Mothers – by Jamie Sams
“This book was so intense and in depth it took my 5 years to finish and I just finished it last month. It’s a very magical book having First Nations Native American roots and it helps fill you with wisdom to heal yourself and others through the feminine. The stories are very beautiful and passed down from 3000 years ago. I think I’ll start reading this book again because the wisdom is so helpful on how to be patient and ask the right questions when others are in need and hurting.\”


6. Goose Bumps – The Cuckoo Clock of Doom – by R.L. Stein
“My favourite elementary school classical that helped birth my love for horror and the occult even more. I couldn’t get enough of this book and the dark twist on time travel. R.L. Stein is such a great writer and always knew how to keep you hooked and wanting to read more. The whole series is worth checking out.”


7. That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals – by Ruby Roth
“Such a beautiful book that makes veganism as simple as it should be. Whether you’re an adult or child it’s worth looking at and the art work is really beautiful.”


8. Vegan is Love – by Ruby Roth
“Again, one of my personal favourites. This book more focuses on the vegan movement and what it means to be vegan while touching on all topics of refusing a life of consuming animal by-products. The book is simple and straight to the point. Again, the artwork is also very beautiful.”


9. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man – by Steve Harvey
“This book really helped me understand where I went wrong in all my past relationships and how to get into a man’s head and understand what’s really going on. Men are simple creatures and we have to learn how to work together to make a relationship function for longevity. That’s if you’re looking for a healthy relationship. It also has a helpful guide to dating and all the right questions to ask to see if the person you’re seeing is right for you and your lifestyle.”


10. Vegan Lifestyle Magazine
“Ok. This isn’t a book. But this magazine really helped me in my first year of going vegan with lots of inspiring articles and it was very informative on current political issues as well as had great beauty tips and recipes. I recommend it to all my veggie friends no matter what stage of your veggie life you’re currently at.”

“Hammer of the Witches” will be released on July 10th via Nuclear Blast

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