Lacuna Coil – Delirium (Century Media)

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Italy’s Lacuna Coil has long been a band whose music I’ve liked. We own a couple of their albums and periodically enjoy listening to them when we want to listen to something outside of our regular favorites. With the release of Delirium that has changed. Now Lacuna Coil has become one of our top-listened to bands and it’s all because of the inspired majesty of this new album, a concept album about a lunatic asylum.

So now you want to point out that metal bands writing about mental institutions is hardly a new idea and you’re right, it’s pretty much a cliché at this point. The thing is that the way Lacuna Coil has gone about giving this old subject new life is nothing short of impressive. They didn’t just write a new album’s worth of music and write lyrics about crazy people receiving crazy treatment; rather they composed a magnum opus that was inspired by incarcerated madness. There is nothing on Delirium that isn’t awe-inspiringly, jaw-droppingly grandiose. Jim Dodge


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