Lacertilia – We’re Already Inside Your Mind (Red Sun Sounds)


Follow up to last years ‘Crashing In To The Future’ EP and it’s a serious slice of psychedelic space rock ala Monster Magnet/Lemmy era Hawkwind. With a title like ‘We’re Already Inside Your Mind’ you would expect plenty of Shamanic Tribal drums, expansive and droney, Eastern tinged riffage and that’s exactly what you get, plus the added bonus of the unhinged but gregarious, Matthew Fry’s Dave Wyndorf-esque vocals. It’s not all dreamy psychedelia though, Lacetilia hang out at the heavier end of the spectrum too, as evidenced by the politically charged ‘Never See The Sun’ (albeit with a Hawkwind leaning mid section), the Sabbathy ‘EARTH’ and the speedy ‘Fire Up the Engine of God’ Delicious.  Ian Pickens



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