Harley Flanagan – Cro-Mags (MVD)

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I was not expecting this. Kicking off like a long lost song from ‘Age of Quarrel’, ‘I Come In Peace’ features Harley’s trademark rumbling bass sound with even more pissed off sounding vocals then on ‘Revenge’. 12 songs all clocking in around the 1-2 minutes mark (the only exception being the 4 minute closer ‘Trust No One’ – a decent slice of crossover reminiscent of ‘Best Wishes’ era Cro Mags). Intense and vitriolic – it’s the sound of Flanagan’s pent up rage made flesh (‘Fighting The Urge to Kill’ – I have no doubt of it), with one sole nod to mellowness in the form of instrumental ‘Ascending’.  Fans of old school NYC will lap this up.  Ian Pickens


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