Kringer and the Battle Katz – PILOT EP (Skeletor\’s Throne Room)


By the Power of Grayskull… Kringer have the power! Let’s get straight to it shall we? If you’re the kind of meat-head who likes drinking a lot of beer, professional wrestling, slamming your nights away to the kind of tunes that’d kill elderly ladies at fifty paces, cartoons, sixties and seventies V8 powered muscle cars and couldn’t give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks of you, then you’re going to dig these guys. And yeah, I’m one of those meat-heads, and guess what? I fucking love these make-you-dance-like-a-tripped-out-happy-spastic- wearing-a-tin-foil-hat lunatics and their unholy, addictive fusion of Downset, Rocket from the Crypt, EyeHateGod and Down. It’s time to Drink, Fight, Fuck  (if there’s a Heaven, GG is looking down on these guys and nodding in approval), party with Kringer and the Battle Katz and become a goddamn Master of the Universe. Fuck yes… Tim Cundle


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