Ignite – A War Against You (Century Media)

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Having truly made their impact in the hardcore scene with their trademark melodic approach, the Orange County crew return once again maximising the harmonious delivery, this time though, leaning more towards punk resonance than the hardcore aggression they made their name with. ‘This Is A War’ is the closest to those older compositions as it’s paced delivery and guitar tone pack a solid punch – wasting no time in asserting a concrete presence. Mixing sounds not a million miles away from Bad Religion and H2O will see this balanced record receive continuous playback, it is accessible with plenty of big choruses, but still contains enough of an edge to steer clear of the commercial perimeter. There is a captivating feel with Ignite and the way Zoli delivers the vocals; it’s no wonder many appreciate and find solace in their works – driving, up-beat and full of life. Production is clean and without a single metal-core beat-down, ‘A War Against You’ will sit comfortably amongst punks and hardcore fans alike. Mark Freebase

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