Hammerfist – Zero Stone

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Hammerfist – Zero Stone (Rucktion)
What would be just another hardcore band in the mid 90s could become a torchbearer of the genre in 2015. Funny how these things go. When flocks of similar bands flood the scene, it\’s not really a brave move playing metallic, straight ­up hardcore. Now it is… hardcore in general has jumped in numerous directions, so it\’s nice when a band looks back to a simpler time. Breaks, beatdowns, and massive walls of anger, infused with old school NYHC. Songs about depression, hatred, faith and addiction, should go down really well now. At this very moment humanity should ask these questions and should cast these demons from our backs. Hammerfist are just the medicine we need, as they will beat every problem out of you. Martijn Welzen

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